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Attention Campers . . .

With camp approaching quickly, we’re busy planning another great summer at Lake Blaine! One thing we’ve noticed over the years is that teens always have plenty of ideas. Some of them are crazy, some are dangerous, and some are actually pretty good! Well, we got to thinking, why not tap into that resource and allow you to contribute your ideas to our summer program? Great idea, right?!! (Even I get one once in awhile!) So, get your creative juices flowing and send us your ideas. We’ll filter through them and implement every one we can. As an added bonus, the best idea in each category will be awarded a camp t-shirt!! Here are a few categories to get you started.

Decoration ideas: “Blaine Games” Send us your ideas to make the camp look and feel like you’ve been transported from the majestic mountains of Montana to the competitive fields of the Olympics.

Game ideas: Is there a favorite game we haven’t played in awhile? How about a new idea that just might become the next favorite? Send us your ideas and we’ll work out the kinks!

Activity ideas: Is there a perfect activity for Lake Blaine that we just haven’t thought of yet? By all means, let us know and we’ll see what we can do to make it happen.

T-shirt idea: Do you have graphic design skills? How about submitting a design for our "Mountaineering Theme" t-shirt? We will be looking for the design that best incorporates the theme, theme name, and the camp name or logo. Keep in mind that the print needs to be one color, and that designs need to be submitted by April 30th to allow time for printing.

Once you finalize your ideas or your t-shirt design, send it to me via the contact page on the website. Be sure to include your information so we give credit to whom credit is due.

Keep those creative ideas coming . . . and we’ll see you this summer!

Pastor Marc