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Notebook Key

Bible Study Outline

Spiritual Effectiveness by Building upon Faith

2 Peter 1:1-15

1. Introducing Faith – 1:1-2

A. 2 Peter

B. What is faith?

C. Defining spiritual effectiveness

2. More Like Christ – 1:3-4

A. Our foundation of faith

B. The reason for building upon faith

C. The method for building upon faith

D. Virtue

E. Knowledge

F. Self control / temperance

G. Steadfastness / patience

H. Godliness

I. Brotherly affection / kindness

J. Love / charity

4. Reaching the Goal – 1:8-16

A. A picture of spiritual ineffectiveness

B. The call to spiritual effectiveness

C. The reward for spiritual effectiveness

D. The importance of spiritual effectiveness

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